Meme Coin PEPE Smashes Records: Is Coinbase Coming?

It is impossible to overstate the impact social media influencers have on market movements in the constantly changing world of cryptocurrencies. Meme coins have gained renewed attention due to Keith Gill’s (also known as “Roaring Kitty”) first tweet in a long time. The focus is currently on PEPE, though, since it keeps rising due to speculation that it would list on Coinbase.

Keith Gill’s Return Sparks PEPE Surge

Keith Gill has reappeared, a pivotal character in the 2021 GameStop narrative. The meme currency market was buzzing yesterday after he tweeted something. PEPE soared yesterday evening, ranking third after Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. It kept going and today reached its highest point. Gill’s power flows from GameStop to meme currencies with ease. As a result, this underscores the interconnectedness within the cryptocurrency sphere.

Meme Coins Soar Anew, Echoing GameStop Phenomenon

The mechanics of the GameStop issue are echoed by Gill’s tweet, which has an impact beyond PEPE. In each of these cases, social media was crucial. Gill’s comeback caused meme coins like KITTY and GME to soar, demonstrating the influence of online communities. When US markets opened at 4:30 PM GMT, GameStop’s shares shot up, setting off circuit breakers. A further indication of the persistent power of retail investors is the fact that over 90% of this increase happened more than once. Their big impact is shown in the astounding 445% growth in just one month.

Keith Gill’s Latest Post Ignites PEPE Rally

Keith Gill’s most recent social media post fuels PEPE’s explosive ascent. Many who are interested in cryptocurrency regard this article as a meaningful act. Furthermore, there’s a subliminal message conveyed by changing the “Gangs of New York” characters’ appearance to mimic PEPE’s green face. As a result, this keeps PEPE’s market ascent momentum going. But PEPE isn’t the only one who benefits from this comeback. The value of tokens like DOGE, WIF, and Shiba Inu also rises significantly.

Is Coinbase on the Horizon?

The fire is being fueled by rumors that PEPE may be listed on Coinbase. Rumors are rampant on social media, with some people even linking recent Coinbase system issues to preparations for PEPE’s listing. Nevertheless, investors are anxiously awaiting formal confirmation as Coinbase’s silence just serves to fuel rumors. PEPE’s rise is still going strong; it hit an all-time high of $0.000011 today, indicating that the market is still optimistic.

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