Binance Founder Responds to Allegations: They Can’t Even Approach Me

The recent report by the Wall Street Journal from the US media has sent ripples through the crypto world today, with Binance stepping forward to address the allegations. Yi He, one of the exchange’s founders, stated, “There is a fierce battle among market makers filled with tricks. Those who pay can get any advertisement they want. But even those attempting it can’t come near me…”

Response to Allegations

In response to claims that Binance dismissed a manager of its crypto surveillance team for identifying certain manipulations, Yi He, one of the exchange’s founders, came forward. Yi He, also the ex-wife of former CEO CZ, convicted to a five-month prison sentence by US courts, responded to the Wall Street Journal’s article from her X account.

Firm Stance

Furthermore, Yi He emphasized that they hold no bias against any funds, stating, “We closely monitor the battle among market makers. We are firm on this matter. We hold no biased stance against any funds. The competition among market-making firms involves a lot of trickery and dubious activities. Those who pay can get any advertisement they want, in any form. You can buy what you want, but nobody can come to me with such intentions. They can’t even approach me… We will continue to conduct ourselves fairly and ensure trust in this justice. We will also present all facts to the authorities.”

WSJ Report

In today’s report, the Wall Street Journal stated that Binance had dismissed a manager who identified manipulations by DWF Labs. The article also mentioned that the head of the relevant unit at Binance was believed to have collaborated with DWF Labs’ competitors and was dismissed from Binance for falsely accusing the company.

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