The FTX insolvency trial continues, with key witnesses providing crucial insights. Among them, Caroline Ellison, who is both a defendant and a witness in the FTX case, gave a compelling account. During her second day of testimony, Ellison disclosed details about how former FTX CEO SBF had developed an obsession with various matters.

SBF’s Obsession with Undermining Binance

Caroline Ellison, one of the central figures in the FTX trial, previously involved with SBF, made some enlightening statements. She mentioned that SBF became fixated on a particular issue, which involved putting immense pressure on Binance, one of FTX’s primary competitors. Ellison did not go into specifics but emphasized SBF’s determination. “He was very zealous about the Binance situation. He was fixated on regulators putting pressure on Binance and bringing it down. He believed this was necessary for FTX to increase its market share. This was one of his top priorities.”

The Terra LUNA Crisis and Contemplations of Closure

Ellison also addressed the negative consequences of the Terra LUNA crisis that unfolded in May 2022. She pointed out how this crisis adversely affected both FTX and Alameda. “The downturns here made SBF even contemplate shutting down Alameda,” she revealed.

SBF’s Aspirations of Obtaining $1 Billion from Saudi Arabia

Another intriguing revelation was SBF’s intentions regarding the Saudi Arabian Sovereign Wealth Fund. According to the former CEO of Alameda, SBF was aiming to secure $1 billion in investment from this organization interested in blockchain-based gaming. “He had his sights set on obtaining $1 billion from the Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund. He also sought additional credit from BlockFi during that period. However, BlockFi had already provided Alameda with more than $660 million in credit by then.”

SBF’s relentless pursuit of various endeavors and his unyielding determination underscores a narrative that is unfolding during the FTX trial. These revelations shed light on the complex dynamics within the cryptocurrency industry and the personal ambitions that can significantly impact the decisions of prominent figures like SBF.

Ellison’s Testimony in Context

Caroline Ellison’s testimony, as a central figure in the FTX insolvency trial, has provided a unique insight into the inner workings of cryptocurrency businesses and the motivations that drive key individuals. As the trial unfolds, the cryptocurrency community eagerly anticipates further revelations and how they might influence the outcome. Regardless of the verdict, this trial serves as a reminder of the multifaceted nature of the crypto world, where personal ambitions, market competition, and regulatory pressures intersect in intricate ways. provides information about cryptocurrencies for educational purposes only. We are not financial advisors, and the content on this website should not be considered investment advice. Cryptocurrency markets are volatile, and investing carries risks. Always consult a professional before making financial decisions. Your investments are your responsibility.

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