ZBD (ZEBEDEE): Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming with Bitcoin Earnings

ZBD, a renowned Bitcoin payment platform and financial support system for developers, is embarking on an exciting journey in the realm of mobile gaming. The company has recently introduced six cutting-edge mobile games, such as Bitcoin Cards and Dubbz Arcade, which allow players to earn Bitcoin fragments, also known as “sats.”

Empowering Developers and Gamers

For creative developers seeking ways to deliver monetized and engaging user experiences swiftly and securely, ZBD serves as the ideal payment platform. With these newly introduced titles, players can enhance their in-game interactions while accumulating sats—a feature that sets these games apart.

Welcome to the World of ZBD Gaming

Let’s delve into the thrilling games that have joined the ZBD API:

  1. Bitcoin Cards
  2. Dubbz Arcade
  3. WinStreakz
  4. Finke Desert Race Game
  5. Satoshi Goals
  6. Bitcoin2048
Finke Desert Race Game

One standout feature is Dubbz Arcade’s asynchronous player matchmaking mode, which redefines traditional gaming methods. It eliminates the need for players to be online simultaneously. Gamers can start playing immediately, and within 24 hours, the system pairs them with an opponent who paid a similar entry fee. The winner is determined by the highest score. Additionally, players can use this feature to challenge friends, providing them with a 24-hour window to accept. In the event neither the player nor their friend finds an opponent, the entry fee is refunded.

WinStreakz, on the other hand, is a sports competition app offering users the opportunity to win real cash prizes. By making accurate predictions and accumulating points, players can compete for weekly prizes of up to $1,000. It’s an exciting opportunity to win big without any upfront costs, making it accessible to a wide audience.

The Power of ZBD API

ZBD’s API plays a pivotal role in these games, providing users with a cryptocurrency that holds real purchasing power and value. The API allows developers and platforms to process instant global payments, with nearly 250 apps and games already leveraging its capabilities. For instance, the Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) for Square Enix’s Ludo Zenith increased by 82%, and Fumb Games’ Bitcoin Miner witnessed a retention rate nearly 10 times higher by day 30.

This API represents a breakthrough in global fund transfers across all forms of media. Additionally, ZEBEDEE, a company known for its Lightning-based payments technology, has made its technology publicly available through an innovative, tiered subscription platform. This platform provides incentives for developers of varying sizes and aspirations.

For developers interested in exploring the capabilities of the ZBD API and Lightning Network, there’s an opportunity to get started with up to 100,000 transactions per month at no cost. The ZBD app is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms.

A Leap Forward in International Trade

When it comes to seamless international trade, ZBD stands years ahead of traditional methods. Previously, developers had to undergo a manual review process before integrating ZEBEDEE payments into their projects. With the new system, users can easily set up an account at no cost and immediately utilize cutting-edge payment methods.

Insights from Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, CEO, and Co-Founder of ZBD, expressed his thoughts on this advancement: “We’re immensely proud to welcome the latest wave of game devs and titles into the ZBD entertainment mobile app. They chose to adopt the ZBD API to offer fast, safe and trusted monetary rewards and transactions for their players. It’s lightning-quick to integrate, and, with no technical hurdles for gamers either, it’s a win-win.”

Jon Hook, Co-Founder of PlayEmber, the developer behind Bitcoin Cards, added: “ZBD offers new ways to attract, retain, and monetize users while adding genuine value for them, which as a game dev is a tantalizing prospect. I’m excited to see how being part of the ZBD app and ecosystem can turbocharge the growth of Bitcoin Cards.”


ZBD, also known as ZEBEDEE, is a pioneering financial technology company dedicated to developing payment systems based on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. With backing from major venture capital firms and game studios, including Initial Capital, Lakestar, Kingsway Capital, The Raine Group, and Square Enix, ZBD has created advanced tools that simplify the process of adding payment capabilities to products. By harnessing the Bitcoin Lightning Network, ZBD facilitates instant, global transactions of any size for games, websites, or applications, bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds effectively.

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