Arthur Hayes: Crypto Prices Set to Rise to Absurd Levels

Investor and cryptocurrency analyst Arthur Hayes reaffirmed his optimistic outlook in a recent blog article. Because of the US elections and the depreciation of the major foreign currencies, there was early skepticism, but Hayes boldly predicted that prices would keep rising until they reached ludicrous levels.

Hayes’s Confident Manner

In his most recent blog post, BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes, who was detained in 2020 but later released on bond, defended the current bull market. Despite his legal issues, Hayes retains his position in the financial world, declaring in a recent blog post that his views on the bull market and price increases remain unchanged.

Rise to Unbelievable Levels

Hayes noted the expected decline after US tax payments and the halving of Bitcoin in his most recent analysis. Nonetheless, he currently thinks that the major economies’ efforts will sustain the bull market:

“While we anticipated a period of weakness due to US tax payments on April 15 and the Bitcoin halving, we are now leaving that behind. I remind my readers that the bull market will continue, and I will explain why. Currently, the US, China, EU, and Japan have begun devaluing their currencies to shrink their balances. The traditional finance sector in the US is now recommending Bitcoin ETFs to their clients. These ETFs will soon extend to the UK and Hong Kong.”

Maintaining Market Trends

Hayes highlighted that the positive trend would continue and that prices and markets will rise to ridiculous heights. He thinks that the markets that are driving the current upswing will also drive future upward movements, emphasizing the importance of the US elections. Hayes claims that the Democratic Party will stop at nothing to hold onto power and control monetary policy.

Golden Opportunities Ahead

In the future, Hayes sees even more ludicrous movements that will eclipse the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2008 crisis in the US. Investors will have a purchasing chance because decision-makers will be on vacation during the forthcoming summer. The next few months will offer golden opportunities for every investor style. Moreover, the northern hemisphere’s summer presents a chance to buy crypto at low points. As a result, Hayes suggests seizing this opportunity regardless of investor style. Finally, regardless of the risks, he believes it’s a favorable time for investment.

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